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Grey PVC sheets have high mechanical and tensile strength. It is resistant to chemical corrosion and has good electrical insulation properties. It is easy to fabricate and has excellent formability properties. It has a high form stability, can be thermoformed and has excellent flame retardant properties.

• economical
• excellent chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.
• Good dimensional strength
• High acid resistance – also resists alkalis and solvents.
• Moderate impact resistance
• high service temperature ( -10 degrees to 70 degrees C.)
• it can be bonded – solvent based adhesives
• thermoformable and machinable
• UV resistant

• chemical engineering and tank building industries
• Mechanical engineering and plant construction
• laboratory benches and equipment
• Valve bodies and drip trays
• structural components
• fume hoods and ducting
• instrument housings and pump components
• battery containers
• splashbacks
• air conditioning and ventilation systems

available in sheets, rods and tubes.

• Sheet Size : 2000 x 1000; 3000 x 1500
• Thickness : from 1mm to 50 mm
• Rods : from 5 to 250 diameter