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Acetal is the common name for thermoplastics with the chemical name “PolyOxy-Methylene (POM). Acetal is an engineering material used in machining of precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability as it has a low moisture absorption rate.. It is characterized by its high strength, hardness, good wear properties and rigidity to -40 degrees celcius. Acetal is opaque white, due to its crystalline composition.

• very low moisture absorption
• high strength, stiffness and dimensional stability
• good wear and abrasion resistance
• good chemical resistance (including solvents) except for acids
• excellent impact strength at temperatures as low as -40 degrees celcius.
• Good electrical insulating properties
• Good machining properties which is ideal for precision parts
• Good load bearing and sliding properties

• Acetal is widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics industries.
• high performance engineering components such as small gear wheels and ball bearings
• can be used for eyeglass frames
• Used for ski bindings, fastners, guns, knife handles and lock systems.
• Manufacture of chemical equipment
• Can be used for sliding components, control discs, pump components, valve bodies, bearing cages, clutch parts, impellers.
• Can be used in hot water applications with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees celcius
• Automotive industry : fuel sender unit, switches, power windows and door lock systems.
• Electrical engineering : insulators, connectors, parts for electronic devices such as televisions, telephones and radios.
• Can be used in the medical industry : insulin pen, metered dose inhalers.
• Used in the food industry : food conveyors, coffee spigots, filter housings.
• Furniture industry : hardware, locks, hinges , handles
• Clothing industry : zippers

Available in sheets and rods

• Colour : Natural
• Sheet Size : 2000 x 1000 ; 1000 x 1000
• Thickness : from 0.5 to 50 mm
• Rods : from 6 to 200 mm diameter