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PTFE Glass Cloth / Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape/PTFE Glass coated cloth is well known for its smooth surface, non stick, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and insulating properties. It combines the properties of Teflon with the strength of glass cloth. It is widely used in packaging, heat moulding, laminating, sealing and electrical industries.

• good chemical resistance
• low coefficient of friction
• temperature resistance from -73 to 260 degrees celcius
• food grade / non toxic
• high dielectric strength
• non stick surface
• UV resistant

• PTFE tapes are used for heat sealing or roller wrap tapes. – packaging materials do not stick to surfaces covered with PTFE tape.
• Release tape on heat sealing bars, wires and plates
• release agent in moulds
• baking tray linings
• release fabric for hot plate welding, shrink wrap machines and vacuum packs
• prevents sticking when welding vinyl windows

• Full roll : 30m x 1000 wide
• Thickness : 3 thou; 5 thou and 10 thou.
• Backing : plain or adhesive