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Polycarbonate roof sheeting is very resistant to impact and transmits high levels of light. It is one of the newer plastics being used in the construction industry around the world as it has good fire rating. The profiled polycarbonate sheets matches profiled roof cladding and allows you to view the sky through a corrugated material. The sheets come in all the profile shapes generally used for nontranslucent roofing and cladding in South Africa.

• lightweight and easy to install
• impact resistant
• very durable
• allows light to pass through
• UV stable
• comes in different colours
• it is self extinguishing

• roof sheeting
• cladding
• partitions

Available in various thicknesses, profiles and colours.

• Thickness : 0.8; 1.0; 1.25 mm
• Lengths : up to 7.2 m
• Colours : Clear, opal, bronze, green, blue
• Profiles : IBR, Corrugated, Big 6, Greenhouse, Industrial 7, Nudeck, Nurib