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Ultra high impact acrylic sheets are toughened with impact modifiers which are added during the manufacturing process to give the acrylic additional strength- approximately 50% stronger than the standard medium impact (MI) acrylic sheet.

UHI is widely used where there is increased risk of cracking or breakage. It is used for outdoor signage, glazing, roof domes, and anywhere else where vandalism is rife. It is even tougher than glass and has excellent insulation properties. It is also very condusive to vacuum forming and heat bending. Therefore, it is ideal for fabrication and point of sale items

• highly transparent and clear with excellent impact strength
• lightweight and durable
• easily shaped, formed, decorated and glued
• reasonably scratch resistant
• UV resistant
• good insulator
• can be recycled

• Signage
• greenhouses
• roofing for patios and carports
• glazing of balconies, windows and doors
• vehicle glazing and boat shields
• machine covers
• solar panels
• display units
• lighting

• Colour : clear, non reflective clear and opal
• Sheet size : 3050 x 2050
• 2500 x 1250
• Thickness : 1.2; 1.5; 2; 3; 5; 6.