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Magnetic sheets and rolls are permanently magnetized and used for a wide range of applications. The sheets are synthetic with a rubber based material which makes it flexible for use in the signage and graphics industries. It is the ideal solution for semi-permanent advertising if you do not want to permanently brand vehicles etc.

• sticks easily to metal surfaces
• flexible and durable
• Weather resistant – for outdoor use
• can be printed on
• easy to cut using scissors or a sharp knife, die cut, trimmed and punched
• can be re-used – no residue when removed

• signage and graphics
• fridge magnets
• semi permanent advertising on vehicles
• directional signs
• point of sale and promotional items
• price index cards
• business cards

• Sold per metre or in full rolls(30m)
• Roll width : 610 mm
• Thickness : 0.6 mm and 0.85 mm
• Colour : White