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PHENOLICS (Thiolyte, Tufnol)

Phenolics is an industrial thermoset laminate and is generally stronger than thermoplastic materials at elevated temperatures up to 130 degrees celcius. It is a hard, dense engineering plastic manufactured by applying heat and pressure to layers of resin-impregnated paper sheet or cotton fabric. During the heat and pressure process, polymerization occurs and this transforms the layers into a high-pressure thermoset laminate.

Various brands of Phenolics are available; the main brands being Thiolyte and Tufnol.

Types of Phenolics and features:

Phenolic paper is a hard, dense engineering plastic. When heat and pressure are applied to the layers of paper, a chemical reaction transforms the layers into a high-pressure thermosetting industrial laminated plastic. Phenolic Paper has excellent electrical insulation properties.

Phenolic cotton is also a hard, dense engineering plastic manufactured the same way as Phenolic paper but instead of layers of paper, layers of cotton is used. Phenolic cotton has excellent mechanical properties and is oil resistant. Resistant to wear in applications involving friction. Does not corrode or degrade. Can be lubricated with water and oil.

Phenolic glass has a high glass fibre content. Layers of glass fibre cloth is bonded to resin under high pressure to produce an industrial thermoset laminate. Due to their high glass fibre content, they are not machined as easily as paper or cotton grades. They are not suitable in applications involving wear. It has excellent temperature resistance and dielectric properties. It has good resistance to tracking, assessed flammability and exceptional structural strength and toughness. Resistant to weathering. Cannot be easily recycled. It has exceptional temperature resistance.

• Phenolic paper is used to make printed circuit board substrates, switchgears, terminal panels
and busbar supports.
• used to make insulation and moulding materials
• Phenolic cotton is used as a binder in brake linings and grinding gears
• used to make components for machinery and industrial purposes.
• used for components in outdoor and marine applications.

• available in sheets, rods and tubes.
• Sheets : 1220 x 1220 : 2440 x 1220
• Thickness : 0.4 mm to 100 mm