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HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) or PST

High Impact Polystyrene(HIPS) or PST is a rubber modified polystyrene that is significantly harder and more impact resistant than general purpose polystyrene. It has a brittle texture and can be vacuum formed, silk screened, fabricated and machined. It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as the refrigeration industry, automotive industry, point of sale and display markets.

• low cost, lightweight with good impact resistance.
• easy to die cut, machine and thermoform.
• absorbs very little moisture
• can be printed on, painted, cut, bent and glued.
• It is odourless and tasteless and can be used in the food industry.
• matt or high gloss finish
• good electrical insulator
• not UV resistant (will yellow if exposed to UV light and other elements)
• Can be recycled.

• used to make appliance casings
• backing for refrigerators
• point of sale display units
• Packaging – food and electrical equipment casings
• indoor signage and advertising
• thermoforming/vacuum forming
• machining of components
• used in the medical and catering industries

Thicknesses : 0.5; 0.75; 0.9; 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3 and 4 mm
Sheet sizes : 2500 x 1250 ; 2000 x 1000
Colours : White, Black, Silver, Natural