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Nylon refers to a group of plastics known as POLYAMIDES. Nylon Sheets and Rods have become the most well known engineering plastic due to its excellent properties. Nylon acts as a versatile product and is capable in many applications of being a safe and dependable plastic.

Nylon sheets, plates, tubes or rods are available in different types, each with their own distinguishable properties. The most important ones are : Nylon PA 6, PA 66, PA 11 and PA 12. The differences in physical properties which exist between these types of nylons are mainly determined by the composition and structure of their molecular chains. Nylon 6 is the most popular used nylon grade due to its properties. Nylon sheet and rod is particularly easy to machine.

Nylon can be obtained as a CAST or an EXTRUDED plastic. The main difference lies in the manufacturing process. Cast polyamide products are manufactured by means of a chemical reaction process. This allows products with extremely large dimensions and custom cast parts to be manufactured. Water absorption and dimensional changes are lower in CAST. The crystallinity is greater so that wear resistance and machinability are better. Extruded absorbs more moisture and is thus tougher and has greater impact and vibration damping properties.

Oil Filled Nylon has been developed for unlubricated, highly loaded and slow moving parts. The nylon has been blended with a non drying out lubricant which increases sliding movements and can also increase the life of the bearing by 5 times in heavy loaded applications.

• High mechanical/tensile strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness.
• high mechanical damping ability.
• good fatigue resistance
• good sliding ability
• good electrical resistance.
• high resistance against high energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)
• excellent wear resistance
• excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohol, petrol, grease and oils.
• Good machinability

• bearings, gears and fittings in the automotive and aeronautical industries.
• Sleeves, washers and nozzles
• power tool housings
• toothbrushes and surgical sutures
• bushes and seal rings
• wear pads/plates
• bogies, cable winches, sheaves
• scrapers
• strings for musical instruments
• manufacture of threads, ropes, filaments, nets, and tyre cords

Available in sheets, rods and tubes.
• Sheet Size : 2000 x 1000; 2500 x 1250
• Thickness : 0.5 mm to 100 mm
• Rods : from 10 to 300 mm diameter
• Tubes : from 50 OD x 25 ID to 180 OD x 130 ID

Available in sheets and rods

• Colour : Natural
• Sheet Size : 2000 x 1000 ; 1000 x 1000
• Thickness : from 0.5 to 50 mm
• Rods : from 6 to 200 mm diameter