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Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications. It is the worlds most cost effective and second most widely produced plastic, after Polyethylene. Polypropylene has a relatively slippery, “low energy surface” which means that many common glues will not bond them together. Joining of polypropylene will therefore have to be done by welding processes. It is stiff and hard with high heat resistance and excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures. Polypropylene can be obtained as a homopolymer (PP-H : general purpose grade – stiff and rigid) or a copolymer (PP-C : less stiff and softer than PP-H)

• low density : 0.9
• good mechanical strength – rigid, hard and strong with excellent impact strength at temperatures from 10 to 65 degrees celcius.
• Excellent chemical resistance – resistant to aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkalis
• easy to process and fabricate : thermoformable and weldable
• fairly resistant to abrasion
• good moisture resistance – suitable for use with food
• good acoustic and thermal properties
• higher scratch resistance than HDPE
• Operating temperature of -20 °C (short term only) to 65 °C.
• High melting temperature (between 160 °C – 165 °C)
• Not easy to vacuum form due to narrow heat operating window
• Becomes brittle and stiff at temperatures of 5ºC or less (ie often in winter)
• Can be blended with additives to enhance specific properties
(eg UV resistance and flame retardance)
• Environmentally friendly, in that it is easy to recycle.

• Industrial applications : chemical tanks and lining of chemical tanks, cooling or scrubbing towers, pipe flanges, pump bodies
• Food industry : food storage vessels
• Transport industry : mudflaps and stone guards for trucks
• Industrial packaging : layer pads, divider boards
• Electroplating barrels and fume cupboards
• loudspeakers

• sheets are available from 0.5 mm to 80 mm thick
• rods : from 10 to 300 mm diameter
• Colours : natural, grey
• Sheet sizes : 2000 x 1000 ; 3000 x 1500 ; 4000 x 2000